Saying Goodbye

Goodbye to Blogging


It is with a lot of thought and a heavy heart that I have decided to give the blog lark up, I just have to admit to myself, I’m just not as smart or as pushy as you need to be to become a successful blogger

Company’s saying they will send you products to test and review for them, not sending the stuff, your messages being egnored, I’m just too tired to keep chasing them up. The long and short of it is I think, I don’t have enough followers for them, I’m not a high enough profile, not only that but I still think it’s down to age. They only ever want younger bloggers to test and review there products. But come on…What 20 year old can give a good review of anti wrinkle creams lol

So many company’s run competitions but then let those that blog for them win, it’s all part of this big con, I do have eyes you know, I do notice things and if I do, then others will. You get really excited when you receive an email or direct message saying they would love you to trial out the products, I had two the other month that said they would like my cute dog Gizmo trial out there dog food and treats, did they get back to me after initial contact…No…did I receive there product…did I hell.

you will also know if there’s anyone out there that reads this, that I was asked to test and trial Exanté diet, I was already on the program but they wanted to send me stuff that I would then blog about them and my weight loss progress. Again I was let down, no products sent and no acknowledgement from the further emails I sent, I just give up I really do.

My health has not been good anyway and I have undergone more tests, I have been told I have Diverticular Desease, and when my stomach is really bad, couple with bleeding I am having a Diverticulitis flare. Which could probably have been diagnosed years ago if my old GP wasn’t an incensitive moron who never listened to me and put everything down to my Fibromyalgia and IBS, Ermmmm HELLOOO You don’t get bleeding with IBS?

Im so glad an old friend told me to take photos, I know it’s gross taking pics of what’s in the loo, my old GP thought I meant a bit of blood on the tissue, when I showed my new GP the amount that was in the loo, he wanted me to get seen at the hospital as soon as, finally a doctor who actually looked at you when you spoke and listened to what you were saying. After being with the old doctor for 14 years, diagnosed with the new doctor within 6 months.

Anyway, getting off the subject, who really reads Blogs anyway, you might click on one or two but do you actually read every word thats written. I just came to realise, I’m too old and too tired for all this bull that goes on, it’s like being back at school and all the clicks, you have to be in with the in crowd to be noticed, I never was one of the popular kids hahaha Or maybe I’m just a bit too honest for them, your not being paid, you might get a freebie but if I don’t like it or if it doesn’t work for me, I’m going to tell you.

Stupid really, many many years ago I was around celebrities, models, the beauty and fashion industries, how false they all were and how they kissed each other’s butts and slagged them off behind the backs, why would I even think that things might have changed. So I’m done, I just can’t be arsed with it all anymore.

And…Before anyone comments about my wording or grammar, which witch is which and there their, this dyslectic doesn’t give a rats ass anymore what any of you think, if you can read it then it’s right, who made you judge and jury anyway.

If less people were all about there own importance and just tried to be genuinely nice, the world would be a better place. Try smiling for once, I’m sure it won’t spoil your pouting lips and make up if you just tried. Look at your own life and what surrounds you and you might just realise your not perfect, there might actually be cracks you haven’t noticed because you’ve been so preoccupied with other people’s lives or flaws. 

Lets just see how many company’s, bloggers, Compers and followers unfollow and block me this time hahaha, the thing is, truth hurts and if you don’t like what I’m saying, then get over yourself, because I just don’t give a shit about what any of you say or think anymore.



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