I decided today to share a little about my experiences of what is know, The Comping World.

I have been entering Competitions on Facebook Twitter and other Competitions websites, for around 18 months now. Believe me when I say that it can be very addictive, even when your not winning prizes. In 2015 I won a couple of prizes, my biggest being a Kindle and a wooden play kitchen for my granddaughter. Other than that I had a few small wins, toiletries ect, a lot of which I put on a Tombola stall to raise money for charity.


I got hooked on entering competitions by reading an article on Facebook about a lady who was or should I say, probably is, the luckiest lady in Britain. So I joined a few competition pages to see what it was all about. The draw of entering competitions is of course the winning and as I was struggling terribly with my finances, I thought, well if only I can win a few things for gifts for birthdays and Christmas, this would be a great help. 


It can really hard at first knowing how to follow certain rules, I opened a Twitter and Instagram profile and to be honest after 18 months, I still haven’t got the hang of Instagram. I’m not the best at tech stuff and I found that only having an iPad is quite restricting on certain things, even though I watched videos and got advice from other compers, I still haven’t completely got the hang of it all, I still don’t know how to copy, paste and post competitions.


It is also very hard when you see others winning constantly, putting in groups or pages on Facebook of all there wins, sometimes a few a day and your winning nothing, can be very disheartening. You constantly question wether your doing something wrong, maybe your not entering correctly ect, but mostly for Facebook, the winners are picked randomly, so anyone can win, you just have to keep belief, that one day will be your turn at winning.


So like I said I had a few wins in 2015, 2016 however has been really really hard, I’ve won one prize since January. It’s not like I haven’t been trying, I comp almost all day everyday. As soon as I wake up, I log on and start. I have found a few sites that I now use regularly Competition database and @ninjawincom, these are sites that you can find Facebook, Twitter and online Competitions. I really like Competition database as its really easy to keep track of competitions you’ve entered and you can also find if you’ve won any prizes, just a few easy clicks, follow directions for said comp and your done. Ninja win is the same kind of site but you can also earn points and win a prize of an Amazon voucher. 


My one bug bare with ninja win is, (remembering I don’t know how to add comps to sites) for me to earn points, you click through comps that are to be added and approve them to earn points. So those members that can add competitions earn 5 points per comp, where to approve, you recieve 2/3 points, therefore those that add comps always win the bigger prize of £20 Amazon voucher. Now I don’t think this is a lot, as members we work our bums off to get enough points to be top three, the members who add comps work dam hard all day long. Adding hundreds of competitions a day to the site, that’s like working a full time job for £20 or £10 a month, that’s Slave labour lol especially when you think how much the site must pull in off advertisements and the members are doing all the work.


Another of my bug bares of entering competitions, is people entering comps for prizes they can neither use nor want, There are pages on Facebook where they sell and swap prizes. Ok so I understand you may win a consolation prize that you didn’t really want, I also understand times are hard and people may need the money, but there are compers that are just greedy. Some on the members of the groups have albums of prizes 20/30 to sell or swap, it boils my blood when I have taken the time to enter a comp for something that would be of real use to me, then be on these sites and asking the price the prize is worth. If you really need the money, then why not advertise it for a lot less, because it’s all money at the end of the day. 


There also seems a lot of bitching on certain pages/groups on Facebook, falling out over the smallest things, so now I tend not to get involved in the conversations, which is a real shame as some people work really really hard at running these pages to help others. There are certain individuals that just seem out and out selfish and all about there own importance, it does come across that they are kind of rubbing it in others faces. 


I’ve also heard rumours that certain competition fasilitators, do not like compers winning there prizes, but if it wasn’t for compers, there pages, news feeds and site would not get as much new likes or traffic to there profiles or sites. Isn’t running a competition a way to get your page/ profile noticed ? To bring more traffic and possibly new customers ? Do you think it’s easy entering competitions to never win ? Let Me Tell You This…Its Not…Its Damb Hard Work…it can be all day everyday including the weekends, for NO rewards, for NO wages. Yes there are those that give compers a bad name, or you may chose a certain comper because there well known and it will get you noticed more, ie bloggers letting other bloggers they know win…Competitions should be Fair to all, not just to some…Competitions should be run in accordance to Facebook, Twitter or other associations rules and regulations…But sadly they are not.


I trawl through the pages, profiles and sites, weeding out and entering only the Competitions that I would really like to win, I don’t enter ever one in sight, I don’t enter them all just for the sake of it…I have five grown up kids, there family and five grandkids to buy gifts for, it’s a never ending run of birthdays and Christmas Prezzies to be able to afford. Rarely are the prizes I would like to win, for ME…if they are it will be for an item my home needs or that would be an absolute treat for myself that I would never be able to afford, like expensive make up ect…I can’t remember the last time I bought myself some make up.


Why do I still enter Competitions you might ask, well to be honest it’s become like a habit to me. End of the month is a very busy time for compers as lots of competitions end then, so for the last 4/5 days your comping furiously to get them all entered. This month I seemed to work harder than I ever had before, “this month is my month” I kept telling myself…then nothing…NO wins…I just lost all hope, that’s it I thought, enough is enough, I’m done…I even cried I was so disheartened and frustrated. However the next morning when I woke up, without even thinking about it, I was at it again, I must have entered 30 Competitions before I realised what I had done…So entering Competitions is not easy as some may think, for me…Entering Competitions has become part of my life, I don’t know what I’d do with myself all day if I wasn’t doing them.


Before anyone starts…Get A Job…Please remember that most of my days are spent in bed due to not being able to move very much, in all honesty, entering competitions kind of takes my mind off my pain, until it brings a migraine on that is. 

Anyway my lovelies ⭐️💫⭐️ Keep comping ⭐️💫⭐️ Good Luck and always try to be fair to others ⭐️💫⭐️

I forgot to mention Rafflecopter & Gleam Competitions…I absolutely detest Rafflecopter as do it seems, a lot of people, I think bloggers or others using Rafflecopter need to rethink the way they run there giveaways. I’ve honestly seen some that have maybe 60 points to get, with different ways to enter for a mascara or something. I know you don’t have to get all the ways to entered done, but when bloggers are then saying “I will be checking” ect come on guys get a grip, Not only that but I can never remember my certain name on certain sites, I can’t for the life of me remember my Pintrest name so I just have to guess, which is probably the wrong one lol.

Now on the other hand I like Gleam, it’s so much easier to enter, usually a few clicks, a bit trickier on the iPad as you have to come off and on with some requirements but nothing like Rafflecopter. It can do the following for you in one click and retweets the tweet for you, a much easier and less stressful way to enter.



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