Exante Diet and Fibro

Following The Exante Diet With Fibromyalgia

Hi guys, I hope your all well…I just wanted to give you an update on how my Exante Diet was going. 

Well having Fibromyalgia, taking medication that causes weight gain and having an under active thyroid has been a challenge to say the least. I started on May 20th weighing 13 stone 1 pound (I was mortified when I stepped on the scales) I knew I had put on a bit of weight but I thought I was around 12 stone, which is still big for my size. 

The sun came out, so I dragged myself out of bed to go and at least just sit in the garden. This was when I first realised I had put on more weight than I thought, non of my summer clothes from last year fit me. Not only did they just not fit me, but I couldn’t even get my demin shorts past my fat ass. I was so depressed by this if I’m honest, I just crawled back into bed and cried. The next day my daughter took me to Matalan to buy a few things, again I was mortified to see myself in a long mirror and that I had to buy size 16 bottoms and 18 tops, my bottoms have never been more than a size 12. 

Enough was enough, So I researched the different diet plans on line, not only must it have great reviews but it also had to be affordable to me. I’ll be honest, I couldn’t believe the price of some of them and on top of there products you had to buy more healthy food to go with it all. Then I came across Exante Diet, lots of great reviews and cheap enough to try out, I really liked the idea that they did very affordable trial plans. As this was my very first time trying a meal replacement plan, I opted for the 1 week trial, it was only ¬£25 (or there about) just in case I didn’t like it or that the meals ect wouldn’t agree with my IBS stomach.

I couldn’t believe how quick it came, I think it was 18 hours from ordering that it turned up on my door step. I opened the box with excitement, there was a mixture of hot meal replacements, shakes and bars, I really liked that they had bars as I do have a sweet tooth. As I had eaten that day, I decided to start the next day, I had a bar for breakfast, a shake for lunch and a hot meal for the evening meal. Now let me explain a little about how Fibro can come into this, breakfast for me it around 10.30/11am. This is due to the fact that I have very disturbed sleep and don’t wake up properly until later than people normally do. I have to have my brew and tablets, then I can’t eat for half an hour, so by this time it’s late morning. 

Now on the packets there’s instructions as to how to prepare each meal, it also states that you are advised to do 20 minute of exercise each day. Well…exercise, just getting out of bed for me is exercise lol. I know I wouldn’t be able to any kind of proper exercise but I did make an effort to do a little bit of tidying around the house to get my body moving. Having Fibromyalgia, you have to pace yourself, if you push yourself too hard, you will suffer for it and probably end up in bed for three days after.

A lot of you know I am almost always in my bed anyway, so to do the dishes and wipe around the benches was an achievement, I even did the laundry. Now those of you that don’t know me are probably thinking I’m just a lazy mare, you have no idea how much the smallest of tasks wipe me out. I don’t just mean I get a little tired, it wipes me out mentally and physically. I go very dizzy, breathless and my body is in so much pain, I then have to climb the stairs to crawl into bed…Now say I’m a lazy mare.
So anyway back to Exante…I love the bars and the shakes, depending on flavour were nice, although a bit thick so I added more water and they were lovely, for me. The meals though, I really didn’t like them, now this is just my opinion as lots of people love the meals, I just couldn’t get past the texture, although they did taste nice. I loved the soup, again a little thick but I just added more water to get it to the texture I was happy with. Some of the bars I did find quite salty tasting but as I like salted caramel, they weren’t too bad. It’s all down to finding what you like and what suits you at the end of the day isn’t it. 

Exante diet always have offers on, so I wait and then stock up on the things I like when they are affordable to me. I now only eat the bars, shakes , soups and pancakes, forgot to mention…I Love The Maple Pancakes lol. My weight has not been as quick as some, like losing a stone in a few weeks, which I was a bit upset about but it’s coming of slowly but surely. I have lost just over a stone since I started, which is roughly 6/7 weeks but I will continue on my journey, until I’m at least another stone lighter.

I will be keeping you up to date on my progress and I will also be testing new products and posting reviews for Exante, which I am excited about. Meal replacement is not for everyone but if your thinking of giving it a try, why not start with one of there 1 or 2 week trials to see if it is something you want to do. My medical problems have hindered me a little but I’ve just tried to adapt the plan to me and my needs, I’m sure you could do the same. There’s lots of help on the website and even if you get a little lost (like I did) there’s Facebook and Twitter where the girl and guys are really nice and support each other. Exante admin are always there to help with your queries, at the start I had lots, but they were brilliant and really helped me out. 

Hopefully chat to you all again soon…Take care of you and each other x


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