Apologies For Neglecting You

Can’t believe it been months since my last blog post, so sorry for neglecting you all. I have been spending a little time away to try and get a little healthier in myself, Fibro and other illnesses have been taking there tole. 
This has also had an effect on my mental health and I’ve been very depressed and anxious for some months now, never getting out of bed for weeks except for the usual needs. My weight rocketed, even when I wasn’t eating at all and medication which make you gain weight were not helping. 
After my first visit to this Amazing home of my daughters fella, I felt better in myself just by spending time in his beautiful garden. My room had patio doors with the most peaceful of views and I had forgotten what birds sounded like, apart from crows and magpies that we get here lol. My bathroom and everything I needed were all on one level, so no chuffin stairs, which was a massive help. 
I was mortified when I saw a photo that had been taken and even more so when I stepped on the scales for the first time since I don’t know when. I decided to go on my very first meal replacement plan, 54 years old and trying this for the first time was daunting, all these plans to chose from and I had no idea what were carbs, proteins or good or bad fats lol My daughter Nikki explained it to me and talked me through the different plans ect, she’s on a plan herself but here’s is healthy eating, there’s a lot of spicy foods so I knew it wouldn’t suit me. 
I opted for the Man Plan with Exante, so I have bars and shakes with a 200 meal from a list. I did try there meals but didn’t like them at all, the texture was really weird for me lol as I have a sweet tooth the bars and shakes are lush. I am now almost 4 weeks in and I’ve lost 10 lb, I was a bit disappointed to be honest as some were losing this on the first week but when you consider the fact that I am on lots of different meds and an under active thyroid, I suppose it’s an achievement in its self. I will keep going to see if I can get back down to 91/2 to 10 stone which I use to be, I will try and keep you updated on my progress. 
I have also recently been asked to do a few reviews which I’m excited about, however even more excited, Gizmo my gorgeous pooch will be doing his first review, how cool is that lol. I honestly hadn’t thought about it but it makes so much sense, bloggers with children are always doing blog posts about there kids reviewing stuff, well he is my baby lol
Also had my first win in months last week woopwoop, fingers crossed my awfully long dry spell has now been broken and I will start winning some lovely goodies. I did hear that some companies and comp holders don’t like compers to win prizes, well let me tell you all, it’s bloody hard work. You can sit comping all day everyday and win nothing, you put your heart and soul and all that effort in, to just be dismissed by them, that’s just wrong.
Anyway my lovelies…have a lovely week, let’s hope the sun returns soon, my garden tan is fading fast lol…Take care of yourself and each other


3 thoughts on “Apologies For Neglecting You

  1. Hello! Just reading your post & I was interested as you seem to have had the same experience as me regarding the texture of the Exante meals. I really disliked them as it didn’t taste like ‘real’ food at all! The bars are good to stick in your bag as a snack but I struggled with the shakes as they were too thick for me! (Will take your tip of adding water though!)
    Good Luck with the rest of your plan, don’t be too disheartened by a small weight loss as I found some weeks I didn’t lose anything and the next week was a good few lbs! 🙂

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    1. Thaynks Hun, you did brilliant today, I’d have been a nervous wreck lol. Going to stick at it another month as I’ve already got loads of shakes left. I make ice cream out of the shakes sometimes, it’s really handy to have in the freezer when you just want some comfort food, mines ice cream lol Thanks so much for you reply, I don’t get many hahaha…hope you have a fab week x

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      1. Aww thank you! I didn’t know what to expect but I was panicking a bit as I couldn’t keep up at one point and Mia wanted something mid-way through so I was trying to explain to her that I was doing something important! 🙂
        I hadn’t thought of making the shakes into ice-cream! (you should have done the twitter party instead of me!) I have some other branded shakes leftover from a review so I will have to try that out!
        If you need anything let me know, I’m trying a few different brands at the moment, I’m on a bit of a health-kick as I’m 30 in October and I have a 3 yr old! 🙂

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