Well What A Week This Has Been…

Having stomach problems is nothing really new with the IBS and Fibromyalgia, however from the middle of last week I really couldn’t eat much as everything was hurting my stomach. I resorted to my normal, eating only ice cream as it is the only thing I can stomach when I’m like this, who doesn’t like a diet of just ice cream eh ? I had a few spare chips on the Saturday night and boy did I wish I hadn’t, I was in agony again, by Sunday mŷ stomach was swollen to he size on a 6 month pregnant woman (no I’m not pregnant, born again virgin lol) I felt sick all the time and kept having cold sweats as my stomach kept growing and I was so uncomfortable and in pain.

So Wednesday we went to the walk in clinic by where we live, two hour wait she said which ended up as three. The doctor sent me up to the SAU (surgical assessment unit) with letter in hand, it wasn’t sealed so nosey as I am, I opened it but wish I hadn’t. “Accute Pancreatitis” was his diagnosis, I began to really worry as this was something my mum had had a number of times and eventually died from Pancreatic Cancer. So we got up to the hospital and put in a waiting room, no beds just uncomfortable chairs and one very smelly young man, who shared his odour with everyone in there. He sat moaning to his mate constantly while playing on two mobile phones (yes two, he could possess two mobile phones but not deodorant, sorry but just seems wrong to me lol) 

Anyway back to the subject, We sat around for another few hours, which became more and more uncomfortable for me. Not only was my stomach in so much pain but I hadn’t had any of my Fibro pain meds all day and I was hurting all over. My daughter went to ask how much longer it would be as everyone seems to have gone in who was there before me, the nurse told my daughter there was three others in front on me. I was just in so much pain by now, I wanted to go home put my PJ’s on and get into bed, having jeans on also want helping my situation. After another ten minutes, I went to the nurses station myself, the nurse took one look at me and told me she would sort me a bed out Asap. Try to her word, I was on a little bed within another ten mins, I was just so happy to be able to stretch out and undo my jeans, these weren’t tight jeans to be honest as were I little too big for me when I bought them and had stretch in them.

A nurse and two doctors came in and all three prodded and poked me, to be honest I thought my pain was localised to the left hand side, however they found pain I hadn’t realised was there, it’s amazing what hurts when three people have messed around with your stomach. The pain was under my ribs on the left hand side but right down the left hand side and into my back, and of course when you go in with any stomach complaint, you have the probing up the back passage. Now this was a whole new pain, did he not see the massive piles protruding from my backside waving at him ? To be honest, I’m surprised he even found the opening hahaha.

I was given a tablet to stop me from feeling sick and morphine oral medicine, and picked up quite quickly and taken by wheel chair to be X rayed. It been a long while since I went into any X-ray dept, probably way back when the kids were younger. Those machines were scary man, like something out of Star Wars, I didn’t have to move, the whole thing moved around me robotically, even the chuffin bed, I nearly pooped myself lol. I was wheeled back to the SAU and back onto the bed where I dosed for a while, morphine had kicked in big time lol. The registra came in to see me and said everything looked fine on the X-ray so I could go home but that he would rush me an appointment to have a CT Scan and the thing where they put a tube up and down inside you, I can never remember what they are called.

I was just so happy to climb into my own bed and I was asleep pretty much straight away after taking my own meds, So we had sat around for about 10 hours for nothing really. The next morning though, the pain was back and to add to it, my head was thumping and I was burning up, I kept having cold sweats and almost throwing up. I sat on the toilet with the bin in my hands as it felt like when you are going to evacuate both ends at the same time, I was absolutly wringing wet with sweat, even my hands. I had to get off the toilet as I felt like I was going to pass out and I was shaking like a leaf, I put the fan on and a cold wet towel on my head and I fell back asleep. When I woke up I felt a little better but then the feeling would come on me again, I pretty much slept on and off the whole day, I wasn’t actually sick but the feeling was there the whole time and my mouth kept filling with water, I will admit that being sick is my worse nightmare, I hate it. 

So far today, I’m am not feeling as bad as I did, my stomach is not in as much pain and I don’t feel as sick, I’m so grateful for that, I’m still in bed but at least I have improved slightly. I now just have to wait for all the tests, so that will be a scan a CT Scan and the tubes up and down thingy. You do wonder though how long it will take for the test appointments come through, both my GP said he would rush the appointment for the scan weeks ago and I’m still waiting lol and the Registra, so we will see. In a way I hope my stomach is still how it was so they can see the problem as it does tend to come and go but I will never have a complete and accurate diagnosis if by the time the tests are done my stomach is ok again.


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