Fibromyalgia ME/CFS & Me


My Life With Fibromyalgia & ME

I haven’t really spoke about my health issues other than to state it in my Bio that I have these conditions, so I wanted to talk a bit about how it effects my life on a daily basis.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia probably about 12 years ago now but suffered with certain health issues many years before this, which was put down to other things. The turning point for me was firstly being diagnosed with under active thyroid, however after months on thyroxine, my health hadn’t improved. I was still exhausted after only a little activity and my body was in pain constantly and I couldn’t sleep. I was having serious balance problems and I couldn’t concentrate or remember things.

I was firstly sent to a Rheumatologist who sent me to a neurologist and I was tested for M.S firstly having MRI and…

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