Mothers Day Comp Hell

Mothers Day Comps

Well I haven’t written a blog for quite some time as I’ve been really unwell, I’ve been trying to keep up with entering competitions when I could, between falling asleep periodically. This week however has really got my goat with all these nicey nicey Mothers Day Competitions, Well I’m sorry to say but not everyone had the luxury of having a loving mother.

Explain in so many words, or tell us why your mum is the best and describe your mum in one word. Well here’s a few, heartless woman who couldn’t stand the sight of you, never hugged you or told you she loved you or was proud of you. Bad enough eh ? Well all made worse as I would watch her with my brothers then she was a loving mother and Nanna, best mum and grandmother to them but not me.

My mother died 14 years ago, I raced 200 miles to get to her bedside before she passed but never got the answers to all the questions that had broken my heart for years…Why mum, why did you not love me, what had I done as a small child for you to  push away ? Why did you love my brothers and not me, what happened that you just could never take me in your arms to comfort, even as a child ? What had I done that was so wrong, what had I done to you to deserve the pain you caused me all my life ?

These are all questions that I will never know the answers to but you know what MUM…I Forgive You and thank you because if you hadn’t been like that with me, I wouldn’t have been the loving mum I am. Every single day I held each of them in my arms and told them how much I loved, them. I wasn’t the perfect mum, at first it was really hard, well not having a mother to show you how to be a mum didn’t help, but I did it and did it on my own.

So Thank You For Being You Because Being You…Made Me…ME


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