ActiDerm New Skin Mask Review


ActiDerm New Skin Mask Review

I was asked by one of my lovely comping friends Leanne Kendrick if I would like to a review for a product that she had already done reviews from in the past, well of course I jumped at the chance.

She put me in touch with another young lady called Leanne Newman (I know, confused me as well lol) I chatted with Leanne about the products and she asked me a few questions about my skin and what I would like to try and put right about certain problem areas. We decided to go for ActiDerms New Face Mask as I don’t like how my aging skin seems to have a lot of pores on my nose and chin, I’d never really had a problem with spots or pimples, I’ve been quite lucky like that. Just over the past couple of years I have noticed black dot like pores on my nose and chin, they never turned into big black heads or spots but I felt really conscious  of them never the less.

Leanne sent me the mask and a small pot of the moisturiser to put on straight after removing the mask, and two sachets of the ActiDerm Shakes.

Firstly I just wanted to say how gorgeous all of the packaging is, a lovely shade of dark purple with a silver drawing of the Eiffel Tower with silver writing on everything, I looks way more expensive than the products actually are to purchase, I was very impressed. I had a read through the information booklet and Leanne had wrote me down some note about the items, so the first thing I did was my skin test. I always do this anyway as my skin can be temperamental at times, so I put a smear of around the size of a golf ball on the inside of my arm, two inches above my wrist.

One of the fist things I noticed was the smell, It smelt Devine with a delicate aroma, not a strong over powering scent. The cream in the New Skin Mask surprised me as it was a lovely creamy texture which I wasn’t expecting, I thought it was going to be like other face masks I’ve tried, you know the ones that your face sets and you can’t talk or smile and you look like the Grinch lol. I was also a bit taken aback that it didn’t set at all like a mask, it was just like you’d put moisturiser on to your skin. I was also very happy that my skin test worked out fine and I had no irritation to the skin at all.

The next day I applied my first full face mask, it was so easy to apply and felt lovely on my face, the delicate aroma was so nice. Because I had read Leanne’s notes I knew not to leave the first one on for longer than 3 minutes, after around just one minute I noticed a tingling sensation. I will admit I was a little scared at this point as I was worried that I would indeeed, even after my skin test, have a reaction. However it was all ok, it was just the ingredients in the mask warming on my face. It was also really easy to wipe away with damp cotton buds and I made sure I cleaned if off completely, I patted my skin dry and applied the moisturiser, which was as lovely as the mask.

Over the next week I applied the mask everyday, increasing the time by a minute each time, towards the end of week I didn’t even notice the tingling any more and I happy to see that I didn’t have any kind of allergic reaction to any of the products. My skin looked brighter and much less dull, it also feels much softer and more nourished. However, it didn’t seem to have improved the pores on my chin or nose at all, in fact they actually looked worse, more greasy. I did keep using it as they saying goes, sometimes things have to get worse before they get better, so I carried on but used much less of the moisturiser in case it was maybe too greasy for my skin.

Well after two weeks of using the mask and getting up to my whole 10 minutes that is the longest you should have it on your face, my skin certainly looked much more refreshed. I still wouldn’t say that it’s made much of an improvement on my pores, but then again my skin is older and probably like leather with the pores being much deeper rooted than most lol.

So even though it didn’t really do the job I wanted it too, I would still certainly recommend the ActiDerm New Skin Mask as it has definitely improved the look and feel of my skin. Maybe it didn’t work for me doesn’t mean it won’t work for you, especially the younger generation, I think it would be ideal for any kind of skin problems you may be having with your face or completion.

One negative I would say about the ActiDerm as a product, I don’t feel the booklet explains enough about the products or how to use them as well as the problems areas each product is for. If I hadn’t had Leanne’s little notes I  wouldn’t have known what to do or how to use it, also not everyone has extra vision, me being of the more mature years with failing eye sight, there was no way I could read any of the wording on the packaging lol I think full write up of each product in the booklet would be very helpful to the more mature and getting older eyesight by the minute generation.



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