My Review Of Epaderm

Hi there, I’m back again, I have been very lucky these past couple of months, having been asked to review a couple of products, so this was my very first to try.


For Eczema, Psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

I was sent a large pump action cream a small pump action cream and a tub of the ointment.

As they all state that they can be used to cleanse the skin as well as just being used as an all over skin moisturiser, I decided to try the large cream in the shower. I kept the smaller cream and ointment in the bedroom to apply after showering. Now I haven’t been formally diagnosed with any skin condition, having Fibromyalgia does cause me to suffer with very very dry skin, sores on my elbows and my head & I get lots of sudden skin rashes.

Day 1. I showered with the cream…I must admit on first impression I wasn’t to keen on the smell but I carried on. It smother over the skin very nicely and rinsed off with relative ease, leaving the skin with just a slight coating. I would say however, be a bit careful in the shower as it does make it a little slippery. After patting dry my body, I decided to try the ointment all over my damp skin, the ointment is a thicker oiler consistency to the cream and was a little harder to work into the skin. I also felt quite sticky and it felt like it took a good few hours to soak in. That being said, I noticed a big difference in my skin the next day, it was definitely not as itchy and appeared much smoother.

Day 3. I again showered applying the cream to cleanse my body, I did this after shampooing my hair so as the cream also removed any remnants of shampoo or conditioner on my body. This time I also applied the cream to my damp skin after I showered, this was much easier to apply and soaked into the skin quite quickly and didn’t leave me at all feeling sticky, so after maybe only half an hour I was able to put on clothing/ nightie. The next day, I was really impressed with the feel of my skin and I noticed the sores on my elbows had gotten smaller and were not at all itchy. Oh and just a note, I did use it lightly on day two also lol.

First Week…After just one week, my skin was so much better, I wasn’t itchy at all and the sore patches on my skin had almost disappeared. I decided to try a little experiment, before going to bed, I applied quite a bit on my scalp, massaging it in to the whole scalp especially the patches of really sore itchy areas. I wrapped my towel turban on my hair and slept with it on, in the morning it had soaked in and covered my whole hair, I thought it was going to be a nightmare to wash out. I was wrong, I washed out really well, in actual fact, it made my hair really shinny and soft, I also noticed that my head wasn’t as itchy as much that day. I’m not sure if this was advised on the information but it was just something I wanted to try, I think a scalp product in Epaderm, if not already available, would be a product I would really like to try.

After my second week.I had used the cream for showering and putting on the cream to damp skin & used the ointment on those more problematic areas. My whole body is so much more nourished, less dry and itchy and the sores on my elbows and head half almost gone. I did the scalp another two times and I can’t believe the difference in not only my scalp but the ends of my hair are less frizzy, well it is bleached and grey lol. I can honestly say that I would recommended this to anyone with a skin condition or problem skin, hey I even tried it on my granddaughters bottom. I am going to keep using this but I am going to pass on the large cream to my daughter to see how well it works on my granddaughters eczema.

To conclude, this is a very good product and certainly worked for me, so give it a go. I loved the packaging, simple yet still pretty, I did find the small print hard to read but I am blind as a bat lol. The large container of the cream is still almost full yet I showered with it every day and the pump on the top was really easy to use and much better to use that having to hold wet bottles which slip out of your hands, then your slipping around the bath trying to pick it back up hahaha. The smaller cream is so handy to just slip in your handbag so you can put a little on while your out and about, I also found that the ointment is a great lip balm, doesn’t taste too good but excellent to moisturise dry lips. Just a little tip for you…don’t put the ointment on after bathing or showering if your in a hurry, it’s a nightmare trying to put your clothes on before its soaked into the skin, skinny jeans oh my days, what a laugh lol

I would just like to thank Epaderm for this amazing opportunity and helping me to find a product that really worked for me.

Thanks for reading…xxx


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