I’m Back, Did you miss me ?

Hi, how have you all been ?

Sorry I haven’t written a blog for a while, dam Fibro brain, I forgot all my log in details haha but I’m back, so the question is did you miss me ?

Well I’ve had a mixed couple of weeks, the good with the bad. Decided to try and take back some of the control of my life and finances. I can’t remember wether I’ve mentioned it before but things are not too good on the financial side for me. Let me explain a little, I had been on long term sickness benefit as well as income support, however this all changed. It all happened around the same time, my son became 18 and they decided to transfere me on to ESA…Well what a nightmare. I lost so much money, I had to pay things that I hadn’t had to before. My head was a mess, combining that with the Fibromyalgia and M.E. The stress building up and making me really unwell, I must admit, things had been better.

What some don’t understand is, with the Fibro and M.E stress can cause not only brain fog but you can have flares of either condition. For me it’s worse if I have a M.E flare as I sleep for weeks at a time, my children waking me for a drink and food, take meds and take me to the loo (all of which they have coped with from being young) While this is going on, as you can imagine letters are piling up, including bills. I will admit, I’m also not the best at sharing stuff like this or asking people for help, to this day my oldest children had no clue how things had been.

anyway, years down the line and I had taken steps to pay off certain things slowly, I went to CAB to seek advice and the young man was lovely who helped me. However, although I was paying off these debts, it wasn’t quick enough for certain authorities, the bill just seemed to keep piling up. Until a few month ago, the bailiffs (boo hisss) started demanding more money, which I tried to meet, then they demanded more. On top of that, I then get a letter from my housing association saying I am in rent arrears…What the Chuff…I had paid them off months ago. What I didn’t realise was, that when my son went in the Army, they started charging me bedroom tax.

So off to CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau) I went with all letters in hand. Sat there four hours to then be told that I would have to have an appointment as the young man who had helped me, closed the case before he left…Stress tears and more stress…So this week I had my appointment, this time they have advised me to go for an insolvency order, or something like that (Fibro brain) He said that although my debts are not massive, around £5,000 I think we worked them out at, they just weren’t coming down and piling up. This is after 3 years of paying off my rent arrears and paying the bailiffs. My credit score will be zero but at least, or so he says, I will be able to have a fresh start.

I must admit, I cried with relief when he told me this, even though there are down sides to this, like having to keep my doors locked and not let the bailiffs in, so panicking every time there’s a knock on the door, is really not fun. I’m also going to be stuck in my catch 22 about the house, it is a very large 3 bed Victorian terrace house, that is far to big and costs up to £50 a week to heat in the winter (hence sitting in a quilt now lol) Being charged bedroom tax but not being able to afford to move and then no credit rating, and it goes on and on. Hoping for that Lottery win, although you’ve got to be in it to win it and half he time I can’t even afford a ticket lol

AND…Why does it always seem to come at once right before Christmas, Santa Claus, I thought I’d been a good girl this year hahaha…You’d laugh if you saw the house though if the bailiffs tried to take stuff, a cooker that broke a couple of months ago that the oven doesn’t work, a fridge freezer that we have to tape the freezer door closed every time we go in it. A large back TV that doesn’t even work and a bedroom full of useless crap that my son left behind…all of around £20 if you sold it lol

Dear Santa Claus…I can Explain…Well you see it was like this…hahaha…I promise to be a very good girl next year if you could just slip me a cheque for £5,000 in my stocking to make my life so much better and stress free…Love Always Debbie Johnson Age 53..PS. could you please ask the good luck fairy sprinkle some lucky dust on me so I can win some competitions for Prezzies for the family…Thank you xxx


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