What’s On Your Christmas Wish List ?

Hi Guys

Well Christmas is just around the corner, I can’t believe how quickly it has come. I have been reading through a few blogs and the trend seems to be about “Wish Lists” well you know me, I’m not one that likes missing out on all the fun. My wish list is probably a bit deferent than others I’ve read.

I’ve been single for 14 years now and all but one of my children (she’s 25) have flown the nest, so it’s been a very long time since anyone bought me an expensive gift. I haven’t been able to work for the past 10 years due to my health, so money is very tight. Having Fibromyalgia and M.E has not been fun at all, life just seems to pass you by, some weeks I sleep constantly, only to be woken up by my daughter to make sure I have something to eat and drink.

This was one on the reasons that I decided to start a blog, trying to take back control of a bit of my life, to reach out to others as I learn about myself along the way.

So, down to the wish list.

Firstly I would like to replace all the things in my home that are broken or just really out of date. Some of these items are not just what I would like but rather what I really need.

1.A new Cooker…my cooker has no oven, just a few of the rings and half the grill works.

2.A new fridge freezer…The freezer door is broken and doesn’t close properly, we have to tape it closed every time we need something out of the freezer, poor thing looks so ugly now

3.A new double bed for my daughter…she has been sleeping on an awful metal framed futon, bless her, I would love to get her a new bed.

4.A new smaller home…Since my son joined the army, we have been paying bedroom tax. They didn’t tell Me that I had to pay it until I had a letter saying I was now in rent arrears. (Catch 22 situation, I’m stuck in a house that is way too big for us & now I have rent arrears, so I have to pay them before I can move out)

5.A cheque to pay off the bailiffs, this was for over due council tax, what was around £600 is now £1,500 due to all there charges ect. You see when you I’ll with something like Fibro and M.E, your mind is not at its best, and sleeping for weeks at a time, bills get missed or forgotten about, until it’s too late.

6.A win on the Lottery…I’m not greedy, yes Millions would be really nice but for me all I would like is enough to pay off the debs, move to a smaller home, for it to be decorated and nice new furniture, not miss matched things that are falling apart…What a joy to feel comfortable, so much less stressed about your life and your surroundings.

7.To have all my children and grandchildren together for Christmas. You see life is not all hunky Dory, if the kids (well adults) are not falling out with me for something or other, probably because I’m not able to babysit, there tearing strips off each other. It’s always something, as a mother of grown up children, I never thought I’d be the one who always felt like I’m in the wrong.

8.A holiday somewhere warm…I haven’t been on holiday for around 8 years, in fact the furthest I’ve been from home was to Manchester. I really did love travelling, seeing new places and meeting new people. Trying different foods and trying to learn a bit of others languages, oh how I miss sitting by a pool or walking along a beach.

9.A whole new wardrobe of clothes, shoes & bags…well I had to get it in somewhere, I’m just so fed up of wearing the same things over and over again, some of it years old, just generally feeling uncomfortable in my clothing. I’d love to have outfits that match, to be able to have all the right accessories and even a coat for different occasions.

10.To be able to go to the hairdressers every couple of months…to be able to have a proper hair cut and my colour kept in tip top condition, to have beauty trestments like eye lash & eyebrows tinted (lots of grey sneaking in them) to have a nice face massage, nails done ect, all things I have not had in a very long time.

So…there you go, that is my Christmas Wish List, I told you it would be different to the normal. I apologise if this post has been a bit too deep for anyone but I vowed to myself that I would be true to myself and to you my lovely followers. I am a straight talker at times but I do tend to hide away from certain situation, I find it very hard to share very personal details or ask for help, so this is a very big step for me. I said that my blog would be my own journey and I invited you all along my road of discovery, Here I am warts and all.

Think about it now…In all honesty…What’s really on your Christmas Wish List ?



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