Surviving My First Day As A #Blogger

Hello Again

well I survived my very first day as a #blogger I don’t mind admitting it’s been hard work. Trying to get the word out on Twitter and networking, fathoming this new world of technology, I’m not the best at this computer stuff lol

the good news is though, I’ve been offered my very first products to test and review, I’m so excited. I know there are lots of bloggers out there, however I feel that everyone is different and the more input producers can receive, the better I think.

Being over 50 I have noticed many changes in my body and skin, what I once loved to use, suddenly didn’t like me anymore. Make Up just didn’t go on my face like it use too and it’s not just wrinkles that I’m talking about. It’s the dry or oily spots and the poores that I never had before, my deminished eye brows and eye lashes, where did they go ?

I just can’t afford to keep buying beauty products for them to then be wasted because they don’t suit me or my skin. So this is where the idea of the blog came about, if I can receive items to test and review, not only will it save me money but it will help me to find the right products for me and possibly help you to make different choices for your skin.

I am hoping to find some amazing beauty treats and gather information for other woman that are a little lost like me. As we age everything changes, it’s not just about anti wrinkle this and that, I want everyday things to suit me like body lotions, shampoo and conditioners, hair dyes and even shower gels. As some of these items out there, really dry out your more mature hair and skin.

I would also like to lose some weight but never know what is going to suit the more mature person, It all seems to gear at the young. I would like to try new things and not your usual slimming clubs, what about body wraps and this waist trainer, would they help with a middle age spread ? I’m not overly big, I am just finding it hard to find clothes that fit right, jeans cut in on my tummy yet fall off my bottom lol I have a DD bust and I find some tops are not long enough for the middle area or they are cut for the younger person and make me look pregnant hahaha.

I don’t quite feel old enough to wear the polyester trousers just yet, I’ve always wondered, do older women just suddenly wake up one morning and decide to wear these trousers for the rest of there days ? Although, I’m not far off wearing the wynciette nighties lol I just want to feel comfortable yet stylish, to still be able to wear jeans that fit right and not look like frump or dressing too young.

These are the dilemmas that I will be sharing with you all, being over 50 but feeling like I’m stuck in a middle ground. All the changes that we go through as we try to grow old disgracefully…Sorry I meant Gracefully. Trying new things as we try to adjust to these changes, why should the young get all the fun eh ? I’m quite open to trying new ideas and product, healthy changes ect, all to see how different they effect or improve the more mature woman.

So if anyone reading this would be interested in sending me any of your items or products, just leave me a comment, DM on Twitter Johnson53Debbie or email me

I would be more than happy to receive, test and review these for this blog.

Thanks for reading.

Debbie xxx


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