Well Hello There

Well Hello There

Seeing all those #bloggers out there, I realised there was very few over 50 bloggers, so here I am.

I am Debbie Johnson and I’m 53, I am a mother of 5 beautiful grown up children, 4 girls 1 boy and a nanna to 5 gorgeous grandchildren.

I will admit, being over 50 isn’t as easy as I thought it would be, I get stumped at times on what are the best beauty products and how to wear certain make up as your skin ages. I also at times wonder if I’m wearing the right clothes appropriate to my age group. I always remember from being younger that sometimes woman a bit more mature would be called “Muton dressed as lamb” I would dread to think that this may be me hahaha.

So this is what I’ve decided to do, start a blog and offer my services to test out product ect for us more mature women. I will also be sharing competitions as I love to comp and win, who doesn’t like to win eh ? I will also be passing on the advice of products from my whole family, especially my girls and hopefully get the grandchildren to join in.

As Christmas is just around the corner and money’s tight for most of us, I will also try to add as much as I can to try and give details of saving money on those gifts for your loved ones.

I hope you will come and join me on this exciting new journey and even enjoy my company once in a while.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

see you again soon.



2 thoughts on “Well Hello There

  1. How refreshing to be mature!! Enjoyed reading this Debbie,, I have 3 Lovely daughters, 3 Amazing granddaughters and one (everyone loves him) grandson…….we are a family of womenfolk but of course everyone loves the only boy….not spoiled though ……he is a love, I have a grumpy husband…can be nice though and 2gorgeous Sprocker Spaniels,,, sorry I am writing my own blog here!! Love to read as you go along.. thank you x Oh yes love comping too


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