Saying Goodbye

Goodbye to Blogging


It is with a lot of thought and a heavy heart that I have decided to give the blog lark up, I just have to admit to myself, I’m just not as smart or as pushy as you need to be to become a successful blogger

Company’s saying they will send you products to test and review for them, not sending the stuff, your messages being egnored, I’m just too tired to keep chasing them up. The long and short of it is I think, I don’t have enough followers for them, I’m not a high enough profile, not only that but I still think it’s down to age. They only ever want younger bloggers to test and review there products. But come on…What 20 year old can give a good review of anti wrinkle creams lol

So many company’s run competitions but then let those that blog for them win, it’s all part of this big con, I do have eyes you know, I do notice things and if I do, then others will. You get really excited when you receive an email or direct message saying they would love you to trial out the products, I had two the other month that said they would like my cute dog Gizmo trial out there dog food and treats, did they get back to me after initial contact…No…did I receive there product…did I hell.

you will also know if there’s anyone out there that reads this, that I was asked to test and trial Exanté diet, I was already on the program but they wanted to send me stuff that I would then blog about them and my weight loss progress. Again I was let down, no products sent and no acknowledgement from the further emails I sent, I just give up I really do.

My health has not been good anyway and I have undergone more tests, I have been told I have Diverticular Desease, and when my stomach is really bad, couple with bleeding I am having a Diverticulitis flare. Which could probably have been diagnosed years ago if my old GP wasn’t an incensitive moron who never listened to me and put everything down to my Fibromyalgia and IBS, Ermmmm HELLOOO You don’t get bleeding with IBS?

Im so glad an old friend told me to take photos, I know it’s gross taking pics of what’s in the loo, my old GP thought I meant a bit of blood on the tissue, when I showed my new GP the amount that was in the loo, he wanted me to get seen at the hospital as soon as, finally a doctor who actually looked at you when you spoke and listened to what you were saying. After being with the old doctor for 14 years, diagnosed with the new doctor within 6 months.

Anyway, getting off the subject, who really reads Blogs anyway, you might click on one or two but do you actually read every word thats written. I just came to realise, I’m too old and too tired for all this bull that goes on, it’s like being back at school and all the clicks, you have to be in with the in crowd to be noticed, I never was one of the popular kids hahaha Or maybe I’m just a bit too honest for them, your not being paid, you might get a freebie but if I don’t like it or if it doesn’t work for me, I’m going to tell you.

Stupid really, many many years ago I was around celebrities, models, the beauty and fashion industries, how false they all were and how they kissed each other’s butts and slagged them off behind the backs, why would I even think that things might have changed. So I’m done, I just can’t be arsed with it all anymore.

And…Before anyone comments about my wording or grammar, which witch is which and there their, this dyslectic doesn’t give a rats ass anymore what any of you think, if you can read it then it’s right, who made you judge and jury anyway.

If less people were all about there own importance and just tried to be genuinely nice, the world would be a better place. Try smiling for once, I’m sure it won’t spoil your pouting lips and make up if you just tried. Look at your own life and what surrounds you and you might just realise your not perfect, there might actually be cracks you haven’t noticed because you’ve been so preoccupied with other people’s lives or flaws. 

Lets just see how many company’s, bloggers, Compers and followers unfollow and block me this time hahaha, the thing is, truth hurts and if you don’t like what I’m saying, then get over yourself, because I just don’t give a shit about what any of you say or think anymore.





I decided today to share a little about my experiences of what is know, The Comping World.

I have been entering Competitions on Facebook Twitter and other Competitions websites, for around 18 months now. Believe me when I say that it can be very addictive, even when your not winning prizes. In 2015 I won a couple of prizes, my biggest being a Kindle and a wooden play kitchen for my granddaughter. Other than that I had a few small wins, toiletries ect, a lot of which I put on a Tombola stall to raise money for charity.


I got hooked on entering competitions by reading an article on Facebook about a lady who was or should I say, probably is, the luckiest lady in Britain. So I joined a few competition pages to see what it was all about. The draw of entering competitions is of course the winning and as I was struggling terribly with my finances, I thought, well if only I can win a few things for gifts for birthdays and Christmas, this would be a great help. 


It can really hard at first knowing how to follow certain rules, I opened a Twitter and Instagram profile and to be honest after 18 months, I still haven’t got the hang of Instagram. I’m not the best at tech stuff and I found that only having an iPad is quite restricting on certain things, even though I watched videos and got advice from other compers, I still haven’t completely got the hang of it all, I still don’t know how to copy, paste and post competitions.


It is also very hard when you see others winning constantly, putting in groups or pages on Facebook of all there wins, sometimes a few a day and your winning nothing, can be very disheartening. You constantly question wether your doing something wrong, maybe your not entering correctly ect, but mostly for Facebook, the winners are picked randomly, so anyone can win, you just have to keep belief, that one day will be your turn at winning.


So like I said I had a few wins in 2015, 2016 however has been really really hard, I’ve won one prize since January. It’s not like I haven’t been trying, I comp almost all day everyday. As soon as I wake up, I log on and start. I have found a few sites that I now use regularly Competition database and @ninjawincom, these are sites that you can find Facebook, Twitter and online Competitions. I really like Competition database as its really easy to keep track of competitions you’ve entered and you can also find if you’ve won any prizes, just a few easy clicks, follow directions for said comp and your done. Ninja win is the same kind of site but you can also earn points and win a prize of an Amazon voucher. 


My one bug bare with ninja win is, (remembering I don’t know how to add comps to sites) for me to earn points, you click through comps that are to be added and approve them to earn points. So those members that can add competitions earn 5 points per comp, where to approve, you recieve 2/3 points, therefore those that add comps always win the bigger prize of £20 Amazon voucher. Now I don’t think this is a lot, as members we work our bums off to get enough points to be top three, the members who add comps work dam hard all day long. Adding hundreds of competitions a day to the site, that’s like working a full time job for £20 or £10 a month, that’s Slave labour lol especially when you think how much the site must pull in off advertisements and the members are doing all the work.


Another of my bug bares of entering competitions, is people entering comps for prizes they can neither use nor want, There are pages on Facebook where they sell and swap prizes. Ok so I understand you may win a consolation prize that you didn’t really want, I also understand times are hard and people may need the money, but there are compers that are just greedy. Some on the members of the groups have albums of prizes 20/30 to sell or swap, it boils my blood when I have taken the time to enter a comp for something that would be of real use to me, then be on these sites and asking the price the prize is worth. If you really need the money, then why not advertise it for a lot less, because it’s all money at the end of the day. 


There also seems a lot of bitching on certain pages/groups on Facebook, falling out over the smallest things, so now I tend not to get involved in the conversations, which is a real shame as some people work really really hard at running these pages to help others. There are certain individuals that just seem out and out selfish and all about there own importance, it does come across that they are kind of rubbing it in others faces. 


I’ve also heard rumours that certain competition fasilitators, do not like compers winning there prizes, but if it wasn’t for compers, there pages, news feeds and site would not get as much new likes or traffic to there profiles or sites. Isn’t running a competition a way to get your page/ profile noticed ? To bring more traffic and possibly new customers ? Do you think it’s easy entering competitions to never win ? Let Me Tell You This…Its Not…Its Damb Hard Work…it can be all day everyday including the weekends, for NO rewards, for NO wages. Yes there are those that give compers a bad name, or you may chose a certain comper because there well known and it will get you noticed more, ie bloggers letting other bloggers they know win…Competitions should be Fair to all, not just to some…Competitions should be run in accordance to Facebook, Twitter or other associations rules and regulations…But sadly they are not.


I trawl through the pages, profiles and sites, weeding out and entering only the Competitions that I would really like to win, I don’t enter ever one in sight, I don’t enter them all just for the sake of it…I have five grown up kids, there family and five grandkids to buy gifts for, it’s a never ending run of birthdays and Christmas Prezzies to be able to afford. Rarely are the prizes I would like to win, for ME…if they are it will be for an item my home needs or that would be an absolute treat for myself that I would never be able to afford, like expensive make up ect…I can’t remember the last time I bought myself some make up.


Why do I still enter Competitions you might ask, well to be honest it’s become like a habit to me. End of the month is a very busy time for compers as lots of competitions end then, so for the last 4/5 days your comping furiously to get them all entered. This month I seemed to work harder than I ever had before, “this month is my month” I kept telling myself…then nothing…NO wins…I just lost all hope, that’s it I thought, enough is enough, I’m done…I even cried I was so disheartened and frustrated. However the next morning when I woke up, without even thinking about it, I was at it again, I must have entered 30 Competitions before I realised what I had done…So entering Competitions is not easy as some may think, for me…Entering Competitions has become part of my life, I don’t know what I’d do with myself all day if I wasn’t doing them.


Before anyone starts…Get A Job…Please remember that most of my days are spent in bed due to not being able to move very much, in all honesty, entering competitions kind of takes my mind off my pain, until it brings a migraine on that is. 

Anyway my lovelies ⭐️💫⭐️ Keep comping ⭐️💫⭐️ Good Luck and always try to be fair to others ⭐️💫⭐️

I forgot to mention Rafflecopter & Gleam Competitions…I absolutely detest Rafflecopter as do it seems, a lot of people, I think bloggers or others using Rafflecopter need to rethink the way they run there giveaways. I’ve honestly seen some that have maybe 60 points to get, with different ways to enter for a mascara or something. I know you don’t have to get all the ways to entered done, but when bloggers are then saying “I will be checking” ect come on guys get a grip, Not only that but I can never remember my certain name on certain sites, I can’t for the life of me remember my Pintrest name so I just have to guess, which is probably the wrong one lol.

Now on the other hand I like Gleam, it’s so much easier to enter, usually a few clicks, a bit trickier on the iPad as you have to come off and on with some requirements but nothing like Rafflecopter. It can do the following for you in one click and retweets the tweet for you, a much easier and less stressful way to enter.


Exante Diet and Fibro

Following The Exante Diet With Fibromyalgia

Hi guys, I hope your all well…I just wanted to give you an update on how my Exante Diet was going. 

Well having Fibromyalgia, taking medication that causes weight gain and having an under active thyroid has been a challenge to say the least. I started on May 20th weighing 13 stone 1 pound (I was mortified when I stepped on the scales) I knew I had put on a bit of weight but I thought I was around 12 stone, which is still big for my size. 

The sun came out, so I dragged myself out of bed to go and at least just sit in the garden. This was when I first realised I had put on more weight than I thought, non of my summer clothes from last year fit me. Not only did they just not fit me, but I couldn’t even get my demin shorts past my fat ass. I was so depressed by this if I’m honest, I just crawled back into bed and cried. The next day my daughter took me to Matalan to buy a few things, again I was mortified to see myself in a long mirror and that I had to buy size 16 bottoms and 18 tops, my bottoms have never been more than a size 12. 

Enough was enough, So I researched the different diet plans on line, not only must it have great reviews but it also had to be affordable to me. I’ll be honest, I couldn’t believe the price of some of them and on top of there products you had to buy more healthy food to go with it all. Then I came across Exante Diet, lots of great reviews and cheap enough to try out, I really liked the idea that they did very affordable trial plans. As this was my very first time trying a meal replacement plan, I opted for the 1 week trial, it was only £25 (or there about) just in case I didn’t like it or that the meals ect wouldn’t agree with my IBS stomach.

I couldn’t believe how quick it came, I think it was 18 hours from ordering that it turned up on my door step. I opened the box with excitement, there was a mixture of hot meal replacements, shakes and bars, I really liked that they had bars as I do have a sweet tooth. As I had eaten that day, I decided to start the next day, I had a bar for breakfast, a shake for lunch and a hot meal for the evening meal. Now let me explain a little about how Fibro can come into this, breakfast for me it around 10.30/11am. This is due to the fact that I have very disturbed sleep and don’t wake up properly until later than people normally do. I have to have my brew and tablets, then I can’t eat for half an hour, so by this time it’s late morning. 

Now on the packets there’s instructions as to how to prepare each meal, it also states that you are advised to do 20 minute of exercise each day. Well…exercise, just getting out of bed for me is exercise lol. I know I wouldn’t be able to any kind of proper exercise but I did make an effort to do a little bit of tidying around the house to get my body moving. Having Fibromyalgia, you have to pace yourself, if you push yourself too hard, you will suffer for it and probably end up in bed for three days after.

A lot of you know I am almost always in my bed anyway, so to do the dishes and wipe around the benches was an achievement, I even did the laundry. Now those of you that don’t know me are probably thinking I’m just a lazy mare, you have no idea how much the smallest of tasks wipe me out. I don’t just mean I get a little tired, it wipes me out mentally and physically. I go very dizzy, breathless and my body is in so much pain, I then have to climb the stairs to crawl into bed…Now say I’m a lazy mare.
So anyway back to Exante…I love the bars and the shakes, depending on flavour were nice, although a bit thick so I added more water and they were lovely, for me. The meals though, I really didn’t like them, now this is just my opinion as lots of people love the meals, I just couldn’t get past the texture, although they did taste nice. I loved the soup, again a little thick but I just added more water to get it to the texture I was happy with. Some of the bars I did find quite salty tasting but as I like salted caramel, they weren’t too bad. It’s all down to finding what you like and what suits you at the end of the day isn’t it. 

Exante diet always have offers on, so I wait and then stock up on the things I like when they are affordable to me. I now only eat the bars, shakes , soups and pancakes, forgot to mention…I Love The Maple Pancakes lol. My weight has not been as quick as some, like losing a stone in a few weeks, which I was a bit upset about but it’s coming of slowly but surely. I have lost just over a stone since I started, which is roughly 6/7 weeks but I will continue on my journey, until I’m at least another stone lighter.

I will be keeping you up to date on my progress and I will also be testing new products and posting reviews for Exante, which I am excited about. Meal replacement is not for everyone but if your thinking of giving it a try, why not start with one of there 1 or 2 week trials to see if it is something you want to do. My medical problems have hindered me a little but I’ve just tried to adapt the plan to me and my needs, I’m sure you could do the same. There’s lots of help on the website and even if you get a little lost (like I did) there’s Facebook and Twitter where the girl and guys are really nice and support each other. Exante admin are always there to help with your queries, at the start I had lots, but they were brilliant and really helped me out. 

Hopefully chat to you all again soon…Take care of you and each other x

Apologies For Neglecting You

Can’t believe it been months since my last blog post, so sorry for neglecting you all. I have been spending a little time away to try and get a little healthier in myself, Fibro and other illnesses have been taking there tole. 
This has also had an effect on my mental health and I’ve been very depressed and anxious for some months now, never getting out of bed for weeks except for the usual needs. My weight rocketed, even when I wasn’t eating at all and medication which make you gain weight were not helping. 
After my first visit to this Amazing home of my daughters fella, I felt better in myself just by spending time in his beautiful garden. My room had patio doors with the most peaceful of views and I had forgotten what birds sounded like, apart from crows and magpies that we get here lol. My bathroom and everything I needed were all on one level, so no chuffin stairs, which was a massive help. 
I was mortified when I saw a photo that had been taken and even more so when I stepped on the scales for the first time since I don’t know when. I decided to go on my very first meal replacement plan, 54 years old and trying this for the first time was daunting, all these plans to chose from and I had no idea what were carbs, proteins or good or bad fats lol My daughter Nikki explained it to me and talked me through the different plans ect, she’s on a plan herself but here’s is healthy eating, there’s a lot of spicy foods so I knew it wouldn’t suit me. 
I opted for the Man Plan with Exante, so I have bars and shakes with a 200 meal from a list. I did try there meals but didn’t like them at all, the texture was really weird for me lol as I have a sweet tooth the bars and shakes are lush. I am now almost 4 weeks in and I’ve lost 10 lb, I was a bit disappointed to be honest as some were losing this on the first week but when you consider the fact that I am on lots of different meds and an under active thyroid, I suppose it’s an achievement in its self. I will keep going to see if I can get back down to 91/2 to 10 stone which I use to be, I will try and keep you updated on my progress. 
I have also recently been asked to do a few reviews which I’m excited about, however even more excited, Gizmo my gorgeous pooch will be doing his first review, how cool is that lol. I honestly hadn’t thought about it but it makes so much sense, bloggers with children are always doing blog posts about there kids reviewing stuff, well he is my baby lol
Also had my first win in months last week woopwoop, fingers crossed my awfully long dry spell has now been broken and I will start winning some lovely goodies. I did hear that some companies and comp holders don’t like compers to win prizes, well let me tell you all, it’s bloody hard work. You can sit comping all day everyday and win nothing, you put your heart and soul and all that effort in, to just be dismissed by them, that’s just wrong.
Anyway my lovelies…have a lovely week, let’s hope the sun returns soon, my garden tan is fading fast lol…Take care of yourself and each other

I Survived A Week On My Own

Well…My beautiful daughter is now home from her week in Lanzarote…I did it, I survived on my own

Just me and the dog, although we both missed her so much, Gizmo moping around all depressed because his mum hadn’t come home lol and the house was so quiet, we did it, we coped on our own.

I think determination to show her I could cope on my own, got me through the week but I will admit, it was harder than I thought it was going to be. I did all the laundry and fed the dog twice a day, I even took him out on three small walks, I showered every other day and fed myself, although not cooking meals. 

I do think a lot of it was done with fear and anxiety, as I have fallen in the shower before and nearly knocked myself unconscious, I haven’t really been out of the house on my own for a long time but I was so determined to prove to her and myself that I could do it. 

I also got an appointment through for the CT Scan which was also while she was away, I didn’t mention it to her as I wanted to also do this on my own and I knew if I told her she would tell my other daughter to go with me. The appointment was at 5.15 pm so it wasn’t going to be an early morning rush, which is nigh on impossible to try and motivate yourself with ME, so I know I could just relax and pace myself through out the day.

The biggest mistake was, I hadn’t read the letter properly, as again with fibromyalgia and ME you tend to just skim over bits of a letter lol I knew the time and that I had to drink lots of water before going, this was where my focus was. What I hadn’t realised that they would be injecting fluid into my veins for the procedure. 

Now I know what your thinking, what’s the big deal about them doing this, hundreds or even thousands have CT Scans ever day without a problem. Well this was my thinking as I sat in a little room with gown on, waiting to be called in after having a cannula put in my arm, you’ll be ok, you’ll be ok I kept saying in my head.

I could hear people going in for there scans and my heart was pounding, a man having his done had to have his daughter called in as he had some kind of reaction and almost keeled over. The male voice I heard doing the scan asked everone of the three that went in before me, if they had someone with them, I didn’t read that, omg I didn’t read that…I was absolutly bricking it

Now to get back to the point of…what was all the fuss about…well many Fibro or ME sufferers will tell you, that the smallest of procedures, having stuff injected or even having blood taken, can knock your body for six. A lot will sail through any test as normal but for many of us, this is not the case and can effect your body in different ways.

I lay on this bed, at the foot of this big machine, I was so scared. Firstly he injected a clear substance into the cannula which made me go really cold, then the bed moved into the machine, I was injected with another load of fluid, which made me go all warm. I could feel it travel up my arm, then I tasted it at the back of my throat, my heart started to have the ectopic beats, thudding into my chest…Breath Debbie Breath, stay calm…I kept repeating in my head. The bed moved into the machine back and forward a couple of times, holding my breath on comand, then it was over, phew, I did it.

As I attempted to get off the bed, BANG it hit me like a brick hitting me in the back of my head. You young nurse helped me up asking me if I had someone with me, yes yes, I’m ok I lied. I sat for a good 10 minutes on the chair in the little changing room, taking slow deep breaths until I shook the dizziness off, then slowly put my clothes back on. I will be totally honest with you, I can’t even remember walking out of there, along the corridors until I got outside into the fresh air, I can’t even really remember the taxi ride home. I woke up in bed fully clothed at around 9.30pm with Gizmo licking my face as he was snuggled into me, obviously wanting to go out lol but wow was my head pounding. 

By the time Nikki came home on the Thursday, I was feeling much better, but I was just so so proud of myself that I had survived for 8 days on my own and not only that, but the dog was still alive lol 

It’s been five days since I had the CT Scan and I will be honest, my body is still not over it, my head is still pounding, my stomach is still swollen and now to top it all, I have the pain when I want a wee and the awful pain when I stop weeing. I don’t know wether it’s down to what ever it was working its way out of my body or what but like I said earlier, what a normal healthy person can shake off within minutes, for some reason, a person with Fibromyalgia/ME and associated health conditions, can be effected in a totally different way.

So I did survive the week on my own, I paced myself, slept when I needed to and took small steps, even though these were big steps for me and I didn’t over do it. What I wouldn’t even do again, is try to go to hospital appointments on my own or without reading the letter at least 10 times until I knew exactly what would be happening at the appointment. lol


Well What A Week This Has Been…

Having stomach problems is nothing really new with the IBS and Fibromyalgia, however from the middle of last week I really couldn’t eat much as everything was hurting my stomach. I resorted to my normal, eating only ice cream as it is the only thing I can stomach when I’m like this, who doesn’t like a diet of just ice cream eh ? I had a few spare chips on the Saturday night and boy did I wish I hadn’t, I was in agony again, by Sunday mÅ· stomach was swollen to he size on a 6 month pregnant woman (no I’m not pregnant, born again virgin lol) I felt sick all the time and kept having cold sweats as my stomach kept growing and I was so uncomfortable and in pain.

So Wednesday we went to the walk in clinic by where we live, two hour wait she said which ended up as three. The doctor sent me up to the SAU (surgical assessment unit) with letter in hand, it wasn’t sealed so nosey as I am, I opened it but wish I hadn’t. “Accute Pancreatitis” was his diagnosis, I began to really worry as this was something my mum had had a number of times and eventually died from Pancreatic Cancer. So we got up to the hospital and put in a waiting room, no beds just uncomfortable chairs and one very smelly young man, who shared his odour with everyone in there. He sat moaning to his mate constantly while playing on two mobile phones (yes two, he could possess two mobile phones but not deodorant, sorry but just seems wrong to me lol) 

Anyway back to the subject, We sat around for another few hours, which became more and more uncomfortable for me. Not only was my stomach in so much pain but I hadn’t had any of my Fibro pain meds all day and I was hurting all over. My daughter went to ask how much longer it would be as everyone seems to have gone in who was there before me, the nurse told my daughter there was three others in front on me. I was just in so much pain by now, I wanted to go home put my PJ’s on and get into bed, having jeans on also want helping my situation. After another ten minutes, I went to the nurses station myself, the nurse took one look at me and told me she would sort me a bed out Asap. Try to her word, I was on a little bed within another ten mins, I was just so happy to be able to stretch out and undo my jeans, these weren’t tight jeans to be honest as were I little too big for me when I bought them and had stretch in them.

A nurse and two doctors came in and all three prodded and poked me, to be honest I thought my pain was localised to the left hand side, however they found pain I hadn’t realised was there, it’s amazing what hurts when three people have messed around with your stomach. The pain was under my ribs on the left hand side but right down the left hand side and into my back, and of course when you go in with any stomach complaint, you have the probing up the back passage. Now this was a whole new pain, did he not see the massive piles protruding from my backside waving at him ? To be honest, I’m surprised he even found the opening hahaha.

I was given a tablet to stop me from feeling sick and morphine oral medicine, and picked up quite quickly and taken by wheel chair to be X rayed. It been a long while since I went into any X-ray dept, probably way back when the kids were younger. Those machines were scary man, like something out of Star Wars, I didn’t have to move, the whole thing moved around me robotically, even the chuffin bed, I nearly pooped myself lol. I was wheeled back to the SAU and back onto the bed where I dosed for a while, morphine had kicked in big time lol. The registra came in to see me and said everything looked fine on the X-ray so I could go home but that he would rush me an appointment to have a CT Scan and the thing where they put a tube up and down inside you, I can never remember what they are called.

I was just so happy to climb into my own bed and I was asleep pretty much straight away after taking my own meds, So we had sat around for about 10 hours for nothing really. The next morning though, the pain was back and to add to it, my head was thumping and I was burning up, I kept having cold sweats and almost throwing up. I sat on the toilet with the bin in my hands as it felt like when you are going to evacuate both ends at the same time, I was absolutly wringing wet with sweat, even my hands. I had to get off the toilet as I felt like I was going to pass out and I was shaking like a leaf, I put the fan on and a cold wet towel on my head and I fell back asleep. When I woke up I felt a little better but then the feeling would come on me again, I pretty much slept on and off the whole day, I wasn’t actually sick but the feeling was there the whole time and my mouth kept filling with water, I will admit that being sick is my worse nightmare, I hate it. 

So far today, I’m am not feeling as bad as I did, my stomach is not in as much pain and I don’t feel as sick, I’m so grateful for that, I’m still in bed but at least I have improved slightly. I now just have to wait for all the tests, so that will be a scan a CT Scan and the tubes up and down thingy. You do wonder though how long it will take for the test appointments come through, both my GP said he would rush the appointment for the scan weeks ago and I’m still waiting lol and the Registra, so we will see. In a way I hope my stomach is still how it was so they can see the problem as it does tend to come and go but I will never have a complete and accurate diagnosis if by the time the tests are done my stomach is ok again.

Trying To Stay Positive With Fibro


Today Is A New Day
As my last post was a very negative one & after a weekend of constant sleeping, I wanted to try the new day & new week being a more positive. Trying to stay positive with Fibro, believe me can be a challenge in itself, pain & the constantly feeling unwell brings you down so much. Every morning when you wake up, you would just like to wake up without something really hurting or being a massive struggle to just get out of bed. Well today, I have actually stayed awake for more than an hour, so this is a great start to the day, I’m not pain free but not as much pain as I was over the weekend. Though they are small changes, they are triumphs over what has been and I’m so very grateful for that.

I have decided to the gratitude attitude, everyday I will wake up and find three things to be grateful for, then in the evening before I go to sleep, I will find three more things to be grateful about my day, no matter how small that they may seem to you, they will be great positivities to me. I am going to try and do this for the whole of this week at first, then write down how different I feel at the end of the week. I want to turn this negativity, that seems to have consumed me of late, around to allow my moods to come back up so I can hopefully feel better emotionally and this may also have a positive affect of my health.

So today…I have stayed awake for more than an hour, I went down stairs and made a cup of tea for myself and I have spoken to my best friend, who I haven’t spoken to for at least 4/5 days…those three things are what I am grateful for today.

I might even enter some competitions today if I stay awake long enough lol I’m not sure if I mentioned why I enter comps (Fibro brain) you know it’s always nice to win but mainly for me, if I am concentrating on entering comps, it takes my mind off my pain. It also can keep my mind active however it can also drain my brain power some days. I am going to try and pace myself even doing this activity as I think it was also bringing me down, not winning sucks lol but it was causing me stress and this was also draining me mind and body. 

I am still waiting to hear from the hospital about my Liver but I’m not going to let it stress me as much as it was, I had visions of me on dialysis, needing a new liver as so on, he had mentioned my pancreas, so I got all worried about cancer, which made me worse. So I am just going to try and put it out of my mind for now until I get to see the specialist and what the scan shows up, they will be checking my Liver, Kidneys and Pancreas for any signs of damage, hopefully it will be nothing too serious or it can be treated quickly.

So to all my lovely followers and Fibro friends, I know it is really hard trying to stay positive, each and every day is different for each of us but for today…I’m choosing to have a positive day and hopefully a positive week…sending you all love and gentle hugs xxx